mm480: Beat up

© Susy56 |

© Susy56 |

MUDGE’s Musings

Sometimes, you just have to admit defeat.

Or, perhaps, you just need to take a breather.

Tonight is a night that calls out for a break.

No sooner does one of our children get out of a suburban Chicago hospital, than another is admitted to a suburban Los Angeles one. Serious and painful, but, thankfully, not life threatening.

But, it’s beating us up, all of these health issues, especially when they don’t allow us to nurse our own mental and physical aches and pains.

So it’s shell-shocked times here at Casa MUDGE.

But, we’ll answer the bell for the next round.

That’s what adults do.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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6 Responses to mm480: Beat up

  1. WBentrim says:

    In an effort to put a smile on your face, your eye looks a little better than mine did the morning I first met my then girlfriend and now wife’s parents. Back in the old days when I perhaps drank a bit excessively, my wife’s college roommate’s boy friend(a Marine) came to school for a visit. After we dropped the girls off, they had restricted hours in those days, we stopped at my favorite tavern to toss back a few. Mike, the Marine, was going to show the candy ass ROTC guy how real men drank. At last call, I asked him if he wanted to get any to go, he said sure, a case? I agreed, he got us each a case and we drank beer for beer until dawn. I then showered, picked up a buddies 62 Starfire convertible to drive in the home coming parade and picked up my girl friend. After the parade she was excited to have me meet her parents. At that point she hadn’t seen me with my shades off, upon introductions, she nudged me to take off my sunglasses, I tried to demur, but she insisted. Need less to say the lack of any white in my eyes certainly colored my future in-laws impression of their daughter’s beau. While this tawdry story is apropos of nothing, I hope it made you smile.

    Good luck with the family, I hope all will be well soon.

  2. mudge says:

    Great story, thanks so much for reaching out!

  3. ClapSo says:

    Hope things settle down for ya. These things always seem to come in groups don’t they? I’m hoping for a full and fast recovery for you and yours…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  4. mudge says:

    ClapSo, thanks so much for the good wishes, received from one of this space’s earliest correspondents. Hope you’re well also.

  5. Adam says:

    It’s been a few days now… how is the eye?

  6. mudge says:

    Thanks so much for asking. Both local and west coast children are on the mend, although our daughter is still in the hospital, and our son is, as ever, a handful under our roof.
    We’ll get there. Thanks, again.

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