mm467: Happy Left-Handers’ Day!

August 13, 2008


MUDGE’s Musings

Today (or, what’s left of it in the Western Hemisphere, this post having been delayed an hour at least thanks to a weird PC glitch), 13 August, is Left-Handers’ Day.

We have this information on the authority of , an online commerce site that one might well believe has an incentive (indeed, if it is not responsible for the event altogether) to celebrate.

I’ve been a member of this organization (read: shop’s mailing list) for several months, but shortly after reading the announcement in email this morning, found a link to the above site in my hometown newspaper’s online instance, seemingly as news, not paid advertising.

As a publication that takes pride in its left-handedness in every way, what else could we do but create a suitable graphic representation of the day, with the help of MUDGElet No. 3, the only one of the three MUDGElets who, like his father, is left-handed.

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