As if you hadn’t guessed, Left-Handed Complement represents this guy’s first attempt at a weblog. You can read all about me in some of my early May, 2007 posts, such as here and here.

There’s a lot of me in those May posts especially, so if you’re really interested, I’d start from the beginning. After all, that’s how I got here!

Feel free to comment here, or anywhere else on this site. Also, you might wish to email me at mudge <at> essoenn <dot> com .

Thanks always to the great people at WordPress.com – they make it possible for over 2million of us to reach out, and be reached, every day.


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  1. Ogress says:

    Thank you for sharing my view on Perdido Street Station. I’ll be sure to give The Scar a thorough read – and Iron Council too!

  2. bbrian017 says:

    Thanks for adding blog engage to your blog!

    Pleasure meeting you!

  3. mudge says:

    Thanks for your thanks. Looking forward to participating!

  4. bbrian017 says:

    lol thanks for your thanks on my thanks! Nice thanking you as well… lol

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  6. mudge says:

    Thanks, Marjorie, planning a health related blog for as soon as this weekend.

  7. […] Yr (justifiably) humble svt spent many a weekend that year and through mid-1960 stuffing, addressing and stamping envelopes. […]

  8. […] Tribune is <so> Republican that once, the year yr (justifiably) humble svt was born, they allowed wishful thinking to trump reality, resulting in the headline illustrated at […]

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