mm111: Charmr: The Apple aesthetic meets the insulin pump

August 21, 2007

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Among the zillions of sites that this observer doesn’t get to nearly frequently enough, Ars Technica stands out.


Charmr: The Apple aesthetic meets the insulin pump

By Thomas Wilburn | Published: August 17, 2007 – 03:16AM CT

Editor’s Note: Hosted by user experience firm Adaptive Path, UX Week 2007 brought together application programmers, graphic artists, and web designers from around the world to discuss the challenges of everything from evolving Web 2.0 applications to redesigned pharmacy bottles. The event featured keynotes from professionals at Milton Glaser, One Laptop Per Child, and Nokia, as well as presentations from eBay, Yahoo!, and CNN, among others. From Washington, D.C., Thomas Wilburn provides an excerpt from the UX Week sessions.

One example of “sweet” design: Adaptive Path, organizers of the UX Week conference on user experience, showed off concept images for an easier-to-use insulin pump Tuesday. Dubbed the “Charmr” for its charm bracelet-like display component, the device would be a drastic change from the bulky pumps currently in use—a difference that designers highlighted by naming the conference session “Wear It During Sex.”

As one who has a loved one who wears an insulin pump, this one just jumped out at me. And note above the reference to One Laptop Per Child, another point of interest here.

And, in my professional life, it’s all about the user experience. Recently, I was (surprisingly to me) characterized the “manager of the web conferencing user experience” by an objective observer (who I’d never thought was that impressed with what I do).

The rest of the story is short:

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Charmr: The Apple aesthetic meets the insulin pump

Someone’s got to build this thing, pronto!

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