mm475: An odd and disconcerting day

August 21, 2008

MUDGE’s Musings

… and not much to say about it.

Worked on location at the beginning of it, and reasonably productively from home at the end. The middle, was smiling and grim, institutional and emotional.

And we, and our man-child, remain on a tightrope.

Some days, the blogger’s prime directive, Thou Shalt Blog Daily!, is best observed very simply, and with brevity.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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mm471: Art and artists

August 17, 2008


MUDGE’s Musings

The photo was taken under desperately overmatched conditions at a live concert in a Chicago club called Subterranean last night.

The track just below the photo was the number performed, called “Juicy Love,” a track on a new release by MUDGElet No. 3, AKA Release. The soloist, who goes by the nom de musique Scarlet Monk, also wrote the lyrics for that track.

She’s front and center, the composer, producer and evening’s promoter can be discerned, only sketchily, in the background. He was fully there, mind you, but the camera phone I used was not up to the task of getting a decent shot under low light conditions from our perch in the balcony.

Here’s a track showcasing some more of the electronic artistry of Release:

The concert was the release party for the new album, which by the way, is available (as of this writing) as a free download at his colleague’s website:, which also provides a MySpace link to the artist, himself. Check it out.

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mm458: Reunion

August 4, 2008


MUDGE’s Musings

That group of 28+ verdurous folks smiling at you were posing at our reunion weekend picnic in a clean and well maintained Chicago park this past Saturday afternoon.

The photographer was MUDGElet No. 3’s new serious girlfriend, so new that we didn’t have a green shirt (designed by a 10 year old cousin and her seven year old sister, members of Generation 4) for her, and the lack of appropriate uniform, and the newness, made her the logical choice for portrait photographer.

Too bad, actually, since she’s by far the most photogenic (adult, at any rate) of the bunch! [Important note to MUDGElet No. 3: Family consensus: she’s a keeper (and that’s before they saw this portrait!).]

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mm455: Thou shalt blog daily

August 1, 2008
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MUDGE’s Musings

… or so I’ve been told.

Worked from home today, finished up at about 4:30pm, left shortly thereafter for the first evening of an action packed family reunion weekend for my wife’s mother’s family.

Four generations gathered (age range: 5 cuddly months to 87 spry years); most live locally (a phenomenon of my wife’s close knit family), several flew in from Houston and Philadelphia, and we missed our own representatives of Generation 3 and 4 who are celebrating a family reunion of their own in Hawaii this week.

But it was a goodly crowd of nearly 30, enjoying food and drink at a local (for some) sports bar (watched Ken Griffey, Jr. get his first hit and RBI in his first at bat in a White Sox uniform, thank you very much), and then a brisk game of miniature golf played indoors under black light (its location in a popular strip mall makes it seem like a make-out palace for 15-year-olds, but I’m an old curmudgeon). Fun for all ages.

And, here it is after 11:00pm, and while the political and technological world didn’t cease spinning today, yr (justifiably) humble svt is ready to fold his cards and call it a long day, in a long week.

So, in the spirit of daily blogging, I submit this edition. Sorry, they can’t all be bold.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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mm450: Big hat, no cattle

July 27, 2008
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MUDGE’s Musings

Sunday evening. A rather scattered weekend: errands Saturday and Sunday morning. Dinner out with relatives/friends Saturday. Lunch in with mothers and sister-in-law Sunday. Strolling solo later Sunday through a rather high quality summer art fair. Not nearly as fun as with my lovely life partner, who chose to recover from the excesses of cooking and entertaining (honest, I did the dishes before I left!).

Lots of surfing, but the usual suspects yielded potential future seeds, but no immediate inspiration.

So, in the manner of Seinfeld, a blog post about nothing.

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mm441: The Zen of the commuter

July 16, 2008


MUDGE’S Musings

So it’s already almost 9:30pmCDT as I begin these words, pretty late to start a week-night project. It’s only a little crazy that, for, it’s already Thursday, as they operate on GMT and the calendar flips over for them at 7:00pmCDT.

But, while not Thursday yet in my world, it’s pretty late.

Got some interesting political/current events stuff that, if I had some drive, I might be able to write about. But, after a day of writing (a thrilling technical manual) and leading a fireman’s life later in the day (you know, days of boredom followed by minutes of sheer terror) as we broadcast our CEO’s quarterly message to his high ranking troops, I’m gassed. Not to mention the two hours round-trip commute.

Actually, I think I will mention the commute.

I’ve been making the workday journey to the Heart of Corporate America for nearly seven years. I’m convinced that the only reason that I haven’t long since gone postal is audio books.

We broached the subject of audio books in the most detail in this post from last August.

I publicly admit that I indeed listen to books on tape (or, more recently, CD) almost every day.

I have a commute that can take more than an hour, especially the afternoon home-bound one, and I have been using books on tape to fill that mental vacuum caused by bumper-to-bumper traffic on a numbing 250 times per year route for more than a decade and a half, since an otherwise despised boss tipped me to their value in this application.

I formerly listened to FM broadcast radio, mainly our last classical station, but often some afternoon FM talk, in a Howard Stern vein (but not HS!). The classics are always soothing, but not always useful at distracting one from driving chores. Talk radio, at least in MUDGE’s neck of the woods, seems to consist of 10 minutes of snarky talk followed by 20 minutes of jangly commercials. Ugh.

Books on tape rescued me from the tyranny of the airwaves (this was before the availability of satellite radio, which might have changed my thinking had I not been locked down into b-o-t mode by the time Sirius and XM made the scene).

My criteria is rock solid: never, ever an abridgement. Ever.

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mm410: Shallow thoughts

June 14, 2008

MUDGE’s Musings

Back from Boston. Gotten some rest. Feeling more like myself. But not ready for deep thoughts, and yr (justifiably) humble svt found some topics on the web today worth pursuing in depth. But not today.

Sunday, 15-June-2008, is Fathers’ Day, an even more contrived observance than is Mothers’ Day. Pursuing the Left-Handed Complement archives, it seems that I let the day go by without note last year. Not a big deal.

My father, and my father-in-law, both good men and great role models, are deceased. My children, who I hope rate me similarly (but that’s for them to evaluate, and the jury is still out!), are mostly unavailable this weekend. Received a gift from the L.A. branch of the family, lovely framed pictures of our seven-year-old grandson and five-year-old granddaughter; definitely made my day.

My older son and his wife (and our local grand-dog) left early this morning for an out-of-state visit to his wife’s parents, to celebrate Fathers’ Day there. Can’t fault that; my kids haven’t seen those really good people since their wedding last July.

My youngest, the artist and vampire, leads a life that is 180° offset from his parents. He works, or performs, until the wee hours of the morning (home by 6am), so we see him rarely.

So, this weekend, a Father’s Day without fathers (permanent condition), and without children (in person — we have hopes for a Skype video call later today with the grandchildren).

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