mm502: Overwhelmed

© Martin Applegate |

© Martin Applegate |

Just don’t know where to start.

The news is bleak, nearly everywhere one cares to look.

Somehow, John McCain is still taken seriously, even as he escalates the stunts.

First, adopt wholeheartedly with relish the Karl Rove/Swift Boat outrageous Big Lie protocol that obliterated the last nice guy to try to win the White House.

Next, kowtow to the restive Christian wingnuts by selecting for his running mate wingnut magna, herself, Sarah Palin.

Now, clothe his attempt at abject ducking of the first debate in the name of somehow intervening in Congress’s Wall Street bailout negotiations. Senator “Fundamentally Sound” McCain. Whose economic advisor, the next Secretary of the Treasury should this country wake up to a nightmare on Nov. 5 is Phil “Stop Whining” Gramm. Yeah, I’m certain you can guys can be of assistance.

If it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

But these days it’s tough to laugh.

Rather than allowing the greedy pigs of Wall Street choke on their own excess, Henry Paulson, a once and future greedy pig himself, wants to pull off the most outrageous repackaging and securitizing of all time by letting the next 4-5 generations of U.S. citizens save their bacon. And Democrats seem to be going along!

What’s wrong with this picture?

What’s not wrong?

Meanwhile, while our tax obligations, deferred or not, climb, all of the prices of the daily transactions of life will undoubtedly also climb: student loans, mortgages, equity loans, small business loans, large business loans, credit card interest — we’ll soon be complaining about much more than the excessive cost of gasoline (and because when Wall Street sneezes, much of the rest of the world catches pneumonia, we will continue to be gored by that ox).



Citizens, you must fight back.

Citizens, elect progressive candidates, starting with Barack Obama, on November 5, and chase the greedy troglodytes and religious wingnuts and knee-jerk NRA fanatics back to the 19th Century, or the stone age, where they belong.

Citizens, it’s seldom been more true: the future well being of you, your family (down to the fifth generation) and your nation is in your hands.

Citizens, the time for waffling is over. Vote progressive, proudly, and win back America.

It’s it for now, thanks.


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4 Responses to mm502: Overwhelmed

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  3. WBentrim says:

    You write with such enthusiasm and vigor! It is always a treat to read your work and sometimes I even agree with you. Keep up the musing!

  4. mudge says:

    Your compliment made me smile, something of a rarity in these parlous times. Thanks!

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