mm488: Grrrrrrrwww wwwaaa ahhhhhhhhh

© Dennis Cox |

© Dennis Cox |

Oops. Sorry. Just made it to the can.

Hardly an unexpected reaction, one supposes, to things one doesn’t like to see or hear.

As in, Night 2 of the Republican Convention.

Angry white male plutocrats (angry because somehow all they have [seven homes? when millions are losing their only one?] isn’t nearly enough) orating to angry white male plutocrat wannabe’s.

And it’s often really, really unseemly, as when in an early hour they put up a black white male plutocrat wannabe, followed shortly by a female white male plutocrat wannabe.

Another ugly night in St. Paul. The entire convention thus far has been a parade of wealthy white guys, female and male, one sleazier than the next. Take Mitt Romney, please! And could that convention crowd be any whiter? 21st Century America? In their nostalgic dreams, only.

As I write this, I haven’t yet decided whether to tear myself away from my beliked Cubs (losing, yet again, to Houston — where did these guys come from, anyway?) to see VP nominee Sarah Palin’s speech.

Actually, I’d watch Michael Palin in a heartbeat. Never really gotten over Monty Python. Sarah, I’m not so sure.

But, I probably will succumb, anxious to see in action the latest in a line of eccentric G.O.P. V.P. nominees, going all the way back in time to William Miller (1964, Goldwater), Spiro Agnew (1968, 1972 Nixon), and the unforgettable Dan Quayle (1988, George II). Dresser of moose, indeed.

If I can spare the time away from that can.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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4 Responses to mm488: Grrrrrrrwww wwwaaa ahhhhhhhhh

  1. ClapSo says:

    Yeah, it’s oh so UGLY ain’t it? I wish more of our countryman would get a clue and see through all the smoke and mirrors. The reason the two parties of the apocalypse continue to run issue less campaigns is because they know they can get elected without saying much of anything…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  2. mudge says:

    ClapSo, you are correct, as so often is the case. I’m just not ready to give up on the Democrats yet, as they seem to be on the threshold of what could be an entirely new way to conduct politics.
    Thanks as always for contributing to the discourse here.

  3. […] Republican friends, plutocrats, or plutocrat wannabe’s, don’t believe we have a problem. McCain is and has always been insulated from the real world […]

  4. It’s easy to tell this writer has a lot of insight in this area. This kind of forward thinking is uncommon in today’s society. It’s refreshing to know that someone besides me thinks this way.

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