mm477: A family affair, with granddog

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MUDGE’s Musings

As I begin it’s near the nominal end of a summer Saturday; normally I might have had the opportunity to create some kind of post much earlier, but today was not normal, but that’s acceptable. Today was a beautiful day, and it had very little to do with the weather.

Disposed of the usual Saturday morning errand, grocery shopping, in reasonable fashion although closer to noon, having slept in somewhat later than is common.

Picked up MUDGElet No. 3 at his studio in his grandmother’s basement, took him to lunch at a sandwich shop on the way north to my favorite annual outdoor art fair. Mrs. MUDGE had determined that she was going to pass on the opportunity, due to the 90/90 (degrees Fahrenheit/percent humidity) weather, and the dire state of our discretionary art budget, and I was glad of the company.

We didn’t spend a long time there, but he especially enjoyed our stroll up and down one small section of what usually is a sprawling affair spread across several suburban downtown streets and parking areas.

Distressed economy note: fewer exhibitors, and many fewer members of the visual art loving public today (in previous years this particular event has been wall-to-wall people), but those in attendance appeared to be having a good time.

So we headed back south after about an hour, and I dropped him off back at his studio and returned home, only to be happily surprised to find MUDGElet No. 2, and the lovely MUDGElet No. 2A, and our granddog the terrified (where men in general, and this man in particular are concerned) beagle.

Now, we’ve seen a lot of both of them (they do live nearby, I am grateful to report) this week, as they have been making use of our showers while their one and only bathroom is being rehabbed.

But, this visit was due to a neighborhood power failure, and they came over to see us, and oh, yeah, to cool off (90/90), and yeah, to shower.

But, it was fun seeing them, and they joined us for dinner, together with the J___’s, our friends of the absolute longest standing as a couple, having double dated with the future Mrs. MUDGE and yr (justifiably) humble svt before our respective marriages some 38 years ago — but who’s counting?

And just before the meal we were joined by MUDGElet No. 3, who is living with us these days, and it made for a delightfully crowded table.

So the blogging hours have been impaired.

Today, addiction or not, I didn’t miss them, really.

Family and old friends — doesn’t get much better than that.

Having a granddog who doesn’t scamper away when I raise an eyebrow in her direction: That just might be perfection.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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