mm452: Well, it’s been a long day

MUDGE’s Musings

Well, it’s been a long, been a long, been a long, been a long day.

Moderated a meeting on location first thing this morning, which was routine except for the web conference participation: Ireland, Argentina, Japan, the Netherlands, and most places between. Oh, yes, and one of the speakers was connecting from just outside Rome.

Sometimes I really, really like my job.

This afternoon, performed another one of MUDGE’s rare personal appearances: a training class on-site, rather than behind the protection of a telephone call and a web conference. Fortunately, it was an easy audience, and turned out to be quite well received.

Then, after the usual hour-long commute, broken up today by a succession of phone calls (hands-free, of course), arrived home to make silly faces at the neighbor’s toddler grandson, passing by in this generation’s version of a “Daddy Blue Car.”

And then, after a quick change to leisure clothes, off to the lakefront, for a picnic with close friends, and a free evening concert by the lagoon.

Catching up with friends was the draw; the concert itself was okay: a very competent event band, complete with a panoply of singers, horns, electric this and that, and, oddly, three women playing violins.

Competent, and we were sitting far enough away that conversation with our dear friends was possible throughout.

Then, home and an all too rare stint on the recumbent exercise bike watching the Cubs finish up a win and the Sox a loss.

And now, heading toward 11:00pmCDT, blogging.

So, it’s been a long, but far from routine, day.

Routine is good. Changing it occasionally is deluxe.

Oh, and the clip at the top. In case you didn’t recognize the show, it’s Frank Loesser’s How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, always fun, even, perhaps especially, when performed by enthusiastic amateurs. They made a movie of How to Succeed… in the mid- to late 60s — check it out.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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