mm425: Short attention span blogging returns!

MUDGE’s Musings

The Prime Directive of Blogging: Thou Shalt Blog Daily, has run head-on into the brick wall of fatigue.

Mrs. MUDGE, gathering a bunch of old clothes for a charity pick up tomorrow, has inspired us to gather some stories that we’ve stockpiled but simply can’t do more than whiff at them over the past few days.

So perhaps we’ll just showcase six of them without commentary, just this once. Pretend we’re without the social networking trappings. Call this post: “(th)read(bare)it.” Or not.

1. The NYTimes takes a look at a brand new, cost saving (and, get this!, the savings seem to be mostly passed onto the consumer!) gallon milk jug.

New Milk Jug Leads to Cost Savings and Spills

2. The MUDGE household has been weaning itself from the bottled water habit for the past several months. We’re in the minority,apparently.

What’s Colorless and Tasteless And Smells Like . . . Money? –

3. Unless something drastic changes, the population of Europe will plummet in the next 50 years, as the current birthrate on much of the continent is at record lows.

No Babies? – Declining Population in Europe –

4. I just love typography. As editor in chief of my high school newspaper (long enough ago that, rather than distributing weekly, we had to lead our readers every Thursday to tour our cave paintings) I was as interested (if not more, if the truth be known) in typography and layout as I was in content. This is a difficult admission, even after so many eons. But, it turns out that my lifelong typography-fetish is shared.

Basics – When Comic Sans Isn’t Enough, Sites Help Create Custom Fonts –

5. In these parlous times, people are beginning to understand that retirement at 62, or even 65, is probably going to be impossible. Some would like to keep working, but are not always finding that employers are sympathetic to hiring older candidates. Conversely, employers who might be interested in keeping on their most knowledgeable mature workers find that they’re the ones ready to bolt as soon as Social Security lets them. All this is not a problem for yr (justifiably) humble svt, as he plans to work until age 90, come what may.

Ideas and Trends – For a Good Retirement, Find Work. Good Luck. –

6. We’ll complete our journey with a truly fascinating, and sobering in-depth exploration of the city of Atlanta’s water crisis, written by one of my new favorite writers and observers, Rick Perlstein. We have all been warned.

Atlanta: Finishing What General Sherman Started |

Well, just because I’m dead tired, it doesn’t mean that you have to go to bed hungry for your food for the intellect. Enjoy!

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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