mm412: Choice Two

MUDGE’s Musings

As I start to write this post, it’s 8:56pmCDT, pretty late to begin a project on a Monday night.

Mondays. (Or, I guess Sundays. If you observe the Sabbath on a Saturday). (Or, I guess Saturdays. If you observe the Sabbath on a Friday).

Any way you look at it, the first day of the work week is the tough one. The alarm clock, which if one is fortunate, stayed off for the entire weekend, resumes working its mischief on schedule, in Mr. & Mrs. MUDGE‘s distressing case, at 5:10am. That’s a hurtful note, indeed.

So, an advantage of beginning the day with the roosters, is that one has the capacity to end the day reasonably early. And, as is typical, the nine-hour workday, and the two-hour round trip commute still had me home and ready to hit the ‘Sphere at a very reasonable hour.

But there were responsibilities that had prior call on my precious blogging time tonight. Spent the past 2-1/2 hours reconciling bank accounts and paying my various creditors and other mid-month obligations, something I might have done when fresher yesterday, had my good friends at Comcast cooperated and left me with a connection I could depend upon while accessing my on-line banking resources.

By the time service had restored itself just as mysteriously as it had gone away, two lengthy waits in customer service jail plus an hour or two later, the impetus to do the responsible thing had seeped away, restored in full tonight, thankfully.

Now, faced with limited access to blogging resources (suitable computer, software [see the Blogging Process Hall of Fame in the sidebar], and most of all, time) yr (justifiably) humble svt has arrived at two tactics to honor the blogger’s prime directive: Thou Shalt Blog Daily!

My most often called upon tactic is to pull out a gem (subjective, I know) from the lengthy archives of Left-Handed Complement (well, there are 14 actual months with posts!), package it up as a Blast from the Past! and consider myself as having honored my obligation.

In pursuit of that, I actually have prepared and set aside some prepackaged “inventory,” already formatted, categorized and tagged, which simply need to be converted from draft to published, the work of a few minutes, thanks to the excellent facilities of

It’s an answer, but feels like cheating somehow. But, this is my avocation, after all. I just hate it when business, professional and personal obligations get in the way of my blog!

Tactic two is what you’re reading. Just riffing on the condition I’m in. Rather be writing and commenting about the political, the technological or the wondrous world of Enterprise 2.0. But that takes organization. Organization takes energy. And energy has been dissipated sending off treasure to keep Casa MUDGE afloat for another half a month.

But, I find myself rather bemused and somewhat pleased that stream of consciousness riffing is, apparently, possible at this late hour and depleted energy level; whether it’s worth reading or not, faithful reader, I leave in your hands.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


BTW: My Comcast rant struck a nerve, and actually elicited comments: unusual and therefore most precious in this space. Please click on the commenters’ links to see what they’re about. Each different, and eloquent, in totally different ways. I love the ‘Sphere!

Roxy: Thanks for the kind words, and the vote. My record is appalling in Battles of the Blogs at BlogExplosion, and I actually won today. I’m sure your vote tipped it in.

Faith: I appreciate your comments; I guess misery does love company! At least you heard from that mythical public affairs guy that supposedly monitors the ‘Sphere looking for bad press. Anything good happen?

Doctor Chip: Very colorful, not to say adult, writing, as always! Thanks for stopping by and taking the trouble to reach out.

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