mm333: "Great people shouldn’t have a resume"

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Today it’s not about what’s new. It’s about each of you.

This won’t take long. But it just might be the most important few words you’ve read this year.

It’s Sunday. The next workweek lurks, its dimensions unknown, its outcomes uncertain, beginning in a mere few hours.

It’s recession in America, and perhaps the world. What’s going to happen to your job this week?

Better start thinking about your next job.

Seth Godin, one of the smartest minds in advertising today, tackled that subject a couple of weeks ago; I’d seen references to it, but on this abyss teetering Sunday, it gained new relevance.


Why bother having a resume?

In the last few days, I’ve heard from top students at Cornell and other universities about my internship.

It must have been posted in some office or on a site, because each of the applications is just a resume. No real cover letter, no attempt at self marketing. Sort of, “here are the facts about me, please put me in the pile.”

This is controversial, but here goes: I think if you’re remarkable, amazing or just plain spectacular, you probably shouldn’t have a resume at all.

Not just for my little internship, but in general. Great people shouldn’t have a resume.

Here’s why: A resume is an excuse to reject you. Once you send me your resume, I can say, “oh, they’re missing this or they’re missing that,” and boom, you’re out.

Focus your thoughts on what you do (and what you’ve accomplished) that’s extraordinary. Be sure that these are what you communicate. Godin believes that your traditionally organized résumé is simply a convenient way for a hiring organization to eliminate you from further consideration without having to expend much energy to do so.

Why make it easy for them?

[Please click the link below for the complete article — but then please come on back!]

Seth’s Blog: Why bother having a resume?

By the way, you have got to be great — you’re reading this blog! So, yes, I mean you. You’ve been warned.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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  2. […] mm333: “Great people shouldn’t have a resume” […]

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