mm318: 10,000

MUDGE’s Musings


Not dollars, silly, hits on this site, a threshold that many bloggers cross every month, week or day. It’s taken this nanocorner of the ‘Sphere© 316 days to get here since mm001.

Thanks to faithful reader, who clicked our link 10,000 times AddEmoticons08047, or, incredible as it may seem, perhaps 40 of you who come back regularly.

I’m awed, and most grateful.

And we promise to stop this silly counting. Right after this.




Skipped 8,000. You’re welcome.


By the way, we like Ike, president through some of our earliest, most formative years. Beneficiary turned cautioner regarding the dangers, proven so frequently in the intervening years, of the military-industrial complex. When his face landed on that bill (we’ve been arbitrary, and used 1960, his last full year as president), it really was worth $10,000. Today, perhaps $1,400. Today, actually, very probably less.

Anyway, thanks, again, for continuing to check us out daily. I’ll keep writing regardless (it’s a sickness), but it feels better when somebody (a couple of times, somehow, 90 somebodies!) completes the transaction.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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3 Responses to mm318: 10,000

  1. Anibal Omer says:

    Un blog muy competente, te hace pensar. Seguir asi

  2. mudge says:

    Thanks, Sr. Omer!

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