mm311: Victimless crime claims another victim

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The ‘Sphere is awash with story after story about Gov. Eliot Spitzer, the Democratic governor of New York, who has implicated in a prostitution scandal.


The ironies are so obvious, yr (justifiably) humble svt needn’t work too hard to lay them out: moralizing attorney general, who took ferocious pleasure in bringing down prostitution rings, has feet of clay. The Democrat’s version of moralizing, bathroom haunting Larry Craig.


Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring

By DANNY HAKIM and WILLIAM K. RASHBAUM | Published: March 10, 2008

ALBANY – Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who gained national prominence relentlessly pursuing Wall Street wrongdoing, has been caught on a federal wiretap arranging to meet with a high-priced prostitute at a Washington hotel last month, according to a law enforcement official and a person briefed on the investigation.

The details are everywhere; if you somehow have missed the story, the NYTimes has an evenhanded account.

[Please click the link below for the complete article — but then please come on back!]

Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring – New York Times

As the Times notes, clients are seldom arrested during crime-fighting operations like this one. Except. The Mann Act stuff is details. This is a juicy target; they’ve taken him down.


But he’s not the victim.

The world knows that all guys are jerks. Mostly, their wives are free to deal with it as they must. Only a public official’s wife has to stand next to her creep with a stiff upper lip, in front of cameras and the world while he owns up.

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2 Responses to mm311: Victimless crime claims another victim

  1. […] Unaccustomed as I am to following the news moment by moment, I did find myself cruising more than usual (i.e., usual = never! exception? election night) awaiting the axe to fall on Eliot Spitzer’s governorship. […]

  2. […] we posted the night of the revelation about the true victim of this stupid tragedy, the martyred Mrs. (how much longer?) Spitzer, we saw […]

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