mm310: There’s still time to Impeach!

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From a site we’ve looked at before (here, and here), and which we proudly display in our blogroll, one that always pussyfoots and minces words addemoticons08047.gif, The Smirking Chimp, comes an intriguing analysis of the Democratic party’s continuing challenge.

The Smirking Chimp

Democrats: Impeach, or Face Humiliation in November

by R.W. Behan | March 7, 2008 – 4:45pm

If the Democrats persist in stonewalling the impeachment of George Bush and Richard Cheney, they invite a humiliating defeat in the presidential election this fall.

For more than a year, the Democrats have gamed the system of Constitutional democracy, refusing to impeach—“It would be too divisive”—in order to assure a Democratic victory in 2008. But the year produced some surprises, and now their scheme stands an excellent chance of backfiring.

A year ago, John McCain’s candidacy languished. Today he is the Republican nominee and a formidable opponent. A year ago, Hillary Clinton’s nomination was “inevitable. Today she clings to a miniscule possibility of succeeding in her vitriolic campaign against Barack Obama, who holds a commanding lead in pledged delegates.

The savage nature of the contest is polarizing the Democratic party—to Mr. McCain’s considerable benefit.

And the Democrats’ refusal to impeach has now become a grave liability: it adds enormously to Mr. McCain’s advantage.

Mr. Behan’s thesis: the “war on terror” is a fabrication built to support takeover of oil supplies and infrastructure, and the way to expose this, and assure that the Democrats do win in November, is to impeach Cheney and Bush.

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Democrats: Impeach, or Face Humiliation in November | The Smirking Chimp

Mr. Behan makes a strong case. It’s difficult to deny that we the citizenry of the U.S. have been consistently lied to since the dreadful events of 2001. Mr. Behan says that the 9/11 attacks simply provided a convenient peg to hook long-ago made invasion plans.

This is one conspiracy theory that rings more true than many.

As we’ve stated in this space several times previously. If impeaching, begin with Tricky Dick Cheney. Only by removing him from the succession does it become feasible for our Congress’s delicate sensibilities to impeach George III.

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