mm305: Google Health: 1984 for the 21st Century

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We’ve written previously (here and here, for two examples) of our awed admiration for Sandy Szwarc, whose blog, Junkfood Science is in yr (justifiably) humble svt‘s humble opinion, one of the absolute gems of the ‘Sphere.

Her furious concerns include the wrongheaded, conventional wisdom “obesity crisis,” and the distressingly distorted reporting of much medical research.

Last week, she published a simply dazzling comprehensive analysis of the implications of Google Health.

For a useful summary of Google’s bland announcement of this latest “beta” product, check out this story in Information Week.

Now, let’s hear what Sandy Szwarc has learned.


Google Health update — A new Google World

…. This is not about our health or convenience. This is a vast private-government partnership to create the world’s largest ever database of genetic, medical and personal lifestyle information, that can and will be used against us.

I’ve just grabbed that paragraph — it got my attention; I hope it’s awakened your curiosity. Go spend a few minutes with Sandy Szwarc; you won’t be sorry.

[Please click the link below for the complete article — but then please come on back!]

Junkfood Science: Google Health update — A new Google World

It’s bad enough that interviewers judge employment candidates on superficialities like appearance, gender, and age.

The thought that they (or one’s current employer — you folks with jobs are just as much at risk too, especially if your employer subsidizes your health insurance — HIPAA doesn’t seem to be very protective after all) will have access courtesy of Google Health to your genetic data that might possibly indicate a propensity for an expensive disease, is infuriating, wrong, perhaps criminal.

And the $zillion might of Google, Michael Milken, et. al. are hard at work to make this felonious nightmare a reality.

Thanks, Sandy, for this brilliant exposé.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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