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Not dollars, yen, pounds, rupees, tolars, etc. You., those absolutely wonderful folks who provide safe harbor for over 2½-million bloggers, is good enough to keep track of page hits.

And, as I write this, this infinitesimal nanocorner of the ‘Sphere© has received just over 9,000 hits in the 9½ months of its active lifetime.

That number represents a blink of a fraction of an hour for many blog sites out there, but it’s a significant number for yr (justifiably) humble svt.

So, I’m grateful.

Left-Handed Complement is not a paying gig. If it were, somehow, as if these random thoughts might somehow be worth being paid for, they wouldn’t appear here at, as they insist that blogs hosted here be strictly non-monetary.

I pay a price in flexibility to be here, adhering to fixed limits as to templates and sidebar contents and the like. But, considering how little it has cost to be here ($15 to accommodate domain mapping (so that the blog’s address is mine, rather than — that’s entirely it — everything else has cost only personal time), and the great amount of personal satisfaction reaped from said safe harbor (six sigma availability, by my measure) for a writing itch that has only been fitfully scratched until now, is definitely among the good guys.

It’s why they are Number One in  Blogging Process Hall of Fame© (introduced here, and expounded upon here, and here).

Today, though, in honor of achieving the 9,000 hit nano-milestone, we introduce a new inductee to the Blogging Process Hall of Fame© .

BlogExplosion is a cost-free (okay, gotta see some ads sometimes) site that has established a community with the goal of increasing traffic for its members (i.e., those precious hits), through a system that provides several means of reciprocal surfing of members’ blogs. They’ve a pinging service; one can post a headline to attract member viewers rather than having them happen upon you at random; and they’ve a “Battle of the Blogs Challenge” that can bolster traffic on an otherwise quiet day.

Took us a while to decide whether we liked the site, but now a goodly portion of our daily traffic here comes from members of the BlogExplosion community. And the regular surfing that I do in order to “earn” that traffic has introduced me to some interesting blogs and bloggers, some of whom now grace our blogroll. blogroll2

BlogExplosion is definitely a winner, and is the newest member of MUDGE’s Blogging Process Hall of Fame©.


Once again, thanks to all who have made this space a regular, or occasional, stop during their surfing time. I don’t take any of those 9,000 hits for granted.

It’s it for now. Thanks,


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