mm295: Yet again, answering a question nobody asked

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Ralph Nader, who made his name beating up on a GM car with its engine in the wrong place, once again finds himself in the wrong place, announcing another 3rd party run for the presidency.


Nader to Run Again

By Sarah Wheaton | February 24, 2008,  11:26 am

“Dissent is the mother of ascent,” Ralph Nader said on “Meet the Press” this morning. “And in that context, I have decided to run for president.”

Beginning his third third-party run in as many presidential elections, Mr. Nader, a consumer advocate, cited a litany of issues he feels have been “taken off the table,” including single-payer health care, the war, labor law reform, and “cracking down on corporate crime.”

Nice to know that while certain bodily functions may diminish or even disappear by age 74, the ability to be a fatuous obsolete horse’s ass stays strong well into one’s eighth decade.

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Nader to Run Again – The Caucus – Politics – New York Times Blog

If Nader ever was relevant to the political discourse of this nation, that time has long since departed.

His performance in 2004, when he received only 10% of the less than 4% of the vote he fatally deflected from Gore in 2000, failed to deter him. Such obdurate behavior is a prime symptom of fatuous obsolete horse’s ass-ness referenced above.

If the U.S. is really interested in a viable third party candidate, that strong, decisive, relevant candidate would be: Michael Bloomberg.

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4 Responses to mm295: Yet again, answering a question nobody asked

  1. Len says:

    Nader will give the right wing Republicans who cannot vote for John McCain and will not vote for a black man someone to vote for.

    Other than that, he’s negligible. Just an old white dude with more money than sense.

  2. mudge says:

    Hi, Len,

    Gotta tell you, I can’t see right wingers voting for a wild eyed lefty radical like Nader. They’ll swallow their McCain disdain and unite against either that woman or a black man. According to the MSM, the NYTimes story Thursday has begun that uniting process.

    Thanks, Len, for stopping by and enhancing the conversation.


  3. rodneymorton says:

    he will not be a factor this time around, the independent vote and the far left vote will go too strongly to obama, a faaaarrrr more appealing candidate than was Gore in 2000

  4. mudge says:

    One big improvement: a heartbeat. Thanks for stopping by. –mudge

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