mm285: Mayor Mike tells some hard truths

February 14, 2008

MUDGE’S Musings

Time for another in the continuing saga of Michael Bloomberg, billionaire mayor of New York City, and his interesting feints at running for president this year.

At the bottom of this post, we’ll provide our ever lengthening link list, as this story has intrigued this nanocorner of the ‘Sphere© for many months now.

Yesterday, 13-February, President Bush signed the tax rebate legislation that he, George III, promises will lift this nation out of its recessionary funk.

The mayor, who knows a thing or two about matters financial (made his not inconsiderable fortune reporting financial news to professionals by harnessing novel technology to do so), spoke quite colorfully today.

He characterized the rebate as “like giving a drink to an alcoholic,” and said the nation “has a balance sheet that’s starting to look more and more like a third-world country.”

Not sure, but Burkina Faso might have just been insulted.

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