mm252: A short word about the process of blogging

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The website is home away from home for a growing community of bloggers. You’ll see near the top of our Left-Handed Complement sidebar the means to “fuel,” i.e., cast a (positive) vote for yr (justifiably) humble svt on their site, as well as the icons of some fellow members of the community whom I have found to be interesting reads (click to check them out — if you do, be sure to vote your opinion of them).

As a curmudgeon in good standing, don’t exactly know what to make of this:


The screen shot above shows, indeed, that this nanocorner of the ‘Sphere© has been selected as Blog of the Day, 13-January-2008, at, and is showing as one of the top blogs in their News/Politics section.

Guess I’ll just say, “thanks, sincerely, for the recognition, FuelMyBlog!”

It’s it for now. Thanks,



6 Responses to mm252: A short word about the process of blogging

  1. KevinD says:

    Our pleasure 😉

  2. Now – don’t get big-headed ………….

  3. mudge says:

    It’s bigger headed, Daddy P., bigger headed. Don’t worry, I’ll behave.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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