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During the past long, hot summer of an impossibly early 2008 election season, this nanocorner of the ‘Sphere© developed an interest in the potential presidential candidacy of the current mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.

For example, you might wish to refresh your memory here, here or here.

In contrast to a certain Republican candidate, Bloomberg is the mayor who walks the talk, whose reputation is built on six years of outstanding accomplishment, not just one horrible day, and has no indicted close friends.

But it’s been quiet for a long time on the Bloomberg front. Perhaps it’s because he keeps denying he’s a candidate.

Why let reality stand in the way of such an intriguing possibility?


Bloomberg’s Latest Itinerary Lists China and Indonesia


As Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg again prepares to trot around the world with a gaggle of cameras behind him, a question is emerging: Is he traveling so much for the city? Or for much-denied presidential aspirations?

The mayor — whose official trips this year have taken him to Mexico, Paris and London as well as New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Seattle and St. Louis — will fly to China and Indonesia the week of Dec. 9.

He is taking along Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, who has been promoting Mr. Bloomberg’s presidential prospects almost since the mayor was re-elected in 2005. The mayor is also bringing his companion, Diana Taylor.

Assorted other aides — including, perhaps, Daniel L. Doctoroff, the deputy mayor for economic development — will make the trip, too. A mayoral spokesman said yesterday that the list had not been set.

[Please click the link below for the complete article — but then please come on back!]

Bloomberg’s Latest Itinerary Lists China and Indonesia – New York Times

As a non-resident of NYC, I have no problem with its mayor’s global junkets.

And were he actually running for president, his junketeering would more than likely take him to Bennington (New Hampshire) not Beijing; Shenandoah (Iowa) not Shanghai; maybe even Indiana not Indonesia.

But in a field of windbags and executive pygmies, of discredited Republican religious loonies and Democrats with imaginations so limited that they’ve spent an entire year of congressional leadership dithering to no effect, Bloomberg certainly stands out as a person, self-made and accomplished, seemingly capable of governing on a national scale.

Run, Mike Bloomberg!

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7 Responses to mm208: Overdue — a Bloomberg post

  1. Based on your post, I hope that you will join the chorus of those encouraging Mike Bloomberg to get in the race. Please have a look at this website, containing videos, a list of potential endorsement, and other information.

    And then consider signing the petition as well.

    Very truly,

  2. mudge says:

    Hello, “Michael,”
    Checked out your site: well done, convincing (preaching to the choir here!), although I am uncomfortable with its anonymity. Who exactly are you?
    But I signed the petition nonetheless. This nation needs Michael Bloomberg!
    Thanks for finding us and commenting.

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