mm062: Irregular Times: News Unfit for Print » Two Moments of Accountability Approach for Unity08

July 11, 2007

MUDGE’S Musings

End of the day though it need to be, I couldn’t resist… Thanks, Irregular Times blogroll !


Two Moments of Accountability Approach for Unity08

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Unity08, the anti-lobbyist “grassroots” political corporation run by lobbyists and public relations executives, is nearing two moments of accountability. Any day now, a DC District Court judge should issue a ruling on Unity08’s lawsuit seeking permission to take no-interest, optional-payback loans and campaign contributions of unlimited size. The last document in the lawsuit was entered on May 25, 2007, and Unity08 is awaiting the judge’s response. Despite its “people’s movement” moniker on the top of every page of its website, Unity08 has asserted in its legal briefs that unless it takes big, easy loans and big donations from sources of big money, it cannot succeed in its movement to elect its own president and vice president who will serve, um, the little people.

Second accountability moment: At the end of this month, on July 31, 2007, Unity08 meets a deadline to disclose its donors and their employers, occupations and addresses in a public filing to the IRS. Unity08 has habitually failed to meet that deadline in the past, so I don’t expect to see it for a few days after that point — but we will be able to see just what kind of “people’s movement” Unity08 has been this year. What will the donor profile look like? I’m anxious to find out, and I’ll share the results with you as soon as they come in.

Meanwhile, Unity08 is trumpeting its latest public relations coup — the Unity08 Spokesactor, Sam Waterston, will be interviewed on the O’Reilly Factor tonight at 8 pm. Will his wiggly eyebrows bring in a better day of membership recruitment than yesterday when Unity08’s delegate recruitment rate was a hundredth what it needs to be to meet its 10 million delegate goal?

As with so many political questions during the summertime, we will have to wait a spell to find out.

Irregular Times: News Unfit for Print » Two Moments of Accountability Approach for Unity08

I admit it — I was snookered by these guys. I hope I’m smarter now. Thanks, again, Irregular Times!

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mm061: Back from vacation…

July 11, 2007

MUDGE’S Musings

First day back at work after several days of vacation — not bad, but a comedown from the blogstorm of the past few days, as the first opportunity to write at all, or read for that matter, has come after 8:00pm, seldom MUDGE’S sharpest hours.

Those of you seeking to read more about Michael Bloomberg here will be disappointed, since on that subject I know very little more than I did yesterday. I’ll even control myself and not put his name in today’s tags. Such restraint! I’ve struck some kind of nerve, since those posts have exceeded interest in everything else I’ve had to say by an order of magnitude.

Your interest is my interest. More on Bloomberg will follow. But not tonight.

Several posts ago I wrote about my spiritual renaissance, one manifestation of which are these electrons you peruse, and another that I determined to apply for my retiring manager’s open position. Did so just before leaving for that stay-at-home vacation last week.

No word on the application as yet, although my intuition is that the manager and the department head are content to let HR do the dirty work. You’ll remember HR: don’t call me, we’ll call you. One of the known candidates was in town today lunching with the incumbent; appears that the fix may already be in.

I don’t really mind rejection; I get white hot when not taken seriously.

Well I still love my job — remember? Tsar of Web Conferencing! I’m sure that long term I’ll be a happier camper than counselor. Still…

BTW, thanks for the kind response to mm060 from kindred spirit ClapSo. The word for my lovely, extraordinarily patient wife is not saint, a concept foreign to our heritage, but rather, valorous.

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