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Somehow, I knew someone was out there working this…

The Future of

Bloomberg Fans, we apologize for the long delay in posting, we all were swamped leading up to the 4th of July. But no need to fret, were back!

A little background to this site:

We came up with this site because we sat down one day and wrote out the positions our ideal politician would hold. This is what led to the first post, Our Beliefs. Upon review of our little list, we looked and found Michael Bloomberg. While some of us already knew and liked Michael Bloomberg, at least one of us didn’t know much about him. It didn’t take much reading however to show pretty clearly how well he fit with our beliefs. He has been tremendously active during his period as mayor of New York, and he has been a shining example of how good effective government can greatly improve a city.

After looking on the internet for some way to express our support for the Mayor’s Presidential run, we found nothing, so we decided to create a site on our own. However, because we all work (or are in grad school) full time, and, to be honest, we weren’t sure there were others like us, we set benchmarks. Well, we are pleased to announce that our first goal was reached, more than 100 petitioners in less than a month!

After this and the huge amount of press surrounding a Bloomberg presidential run, we are getting more serious. We are determined to turn this into more than just a petition; we want to form the grass roots support behind Michael Bloomberg. We want to start a serious movement.

So here is our plan of the future of this site over the next few months:

• Post a blog entry between 3 and 4 times a week.
• Get in contact with Michael Bloomberg’s people and let them know we exist.
• Expand, turning it into a hub of grass roots support.

To do this we need your help.
If you would like to blog let us know, we’d love to post a blog 7 days a week.
We have started an off site list of people interested in learning or participating in future Michael Bloomberg for President events.
Finally, we want your input on this site. We want to be more than a blog, more than a petition; we want to be the next generation of grass roots online support.

• What do you want to see when you come to this site?
• What is the best way to gather support online around an ideal candidate?
• If you could build any website you wanted, what would you create to help mobilize support?

Join us, we all have an opportunity to build this movement from the ground up.
Join us at its very beginning

The best way to reach us currently is

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Run, Mike Bloomberg!

Guys, I have a rather eclectic bunch of interests (and, like you, a living to make!), of which Michael Bloomberg is just the one. Happy, though, for any interest sparking initiated or supported here.

Story: and, there is a story. Long ago, my parents began and largely ran a stone-age version of a grass-roots presidential campaign on their dining room table. I was there — I stuffed a lot of envelopes and licked a lot of stamps (stone age indeed!). The Internet shows us daily that it has the capacity to magnify those efforts by large orders of magnitude.

Their distinguished, accomplished (in business as well as executive politics — sound at all familiar? I’m completely dazzled by the parallel) and ferociously capable candidate didn’t get within parsecs of close to a nomination (in those distant days when the convention was everything and was locked up tight as a bank vault), but he did get Under-Secretary of State out of the deal.

So, maybe a new generation of electronically supercharged change agents steps forward…

By the way, I did sign the on-line petition.

It’s it for now. Thanks,



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