mm045: How to eat junk food without getting fat. – By William Saletan – Slate Magazine

 Am I ever ready for this! Sign me up for the trials!

Scientists found a chemical way to eliminate fat. Findings in mice: 1) A natural substance called NPY translates stress and junk food into fat. 2) If you put it under skin, fat grows around it. 3) If you inject a NPY-blocking chemical, mice don’t get fat even when they eat junk food and are stressed. 4) The NPY blocker can dissolve half a fat deposit in two weeks. Previous finding: Humans don’t get fat if their NPY receptors are impaired. Authors’ spins: 1) We can get rid of fat! 2) We can fatten your boobs, in a good way! 3) It’s all-natural! Critiques: 1) In humans, the NPY blocker might fail or cause bad side effects. 2) Mice that didn’t eat junk food didn’t get fat. 3) Mice that ate junk food but avoided stress didn’t get so fat, either. (For Human Nature’s take on gluttony and sex without consequences, click here. To discuss the wisdom of helping people stay slim while eating junk food, click here.)

How to eat junk food without getting fat. – By William Saletan – Slate Magazine

I don’t eat as much junk food as I used to, but it seems to me that this should apply to food in general, and I’m addicted.  This line of research seems a better choice than the newly released Alli, which sounds terrific as long as you are always within 15-seconds of a clean restroom! Sigh. Smokers can quit, and live. Drinkers can stop drinking (we all hope) and live. We horizontally challenged folks can’t stop eating, so bring on the (safe, side-effects-free) therapies!

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