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May 30, 2007

MUDGE’s Musings

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We’ll politely call this inspiration; more accurately red handed theft. Been receiving an e-newsletter for several years. Get lots of these at work, and most are deleted without reading. This one, Expert Access from Cincom is business oriented and commercial, but hell, I’m both those things.

Found several articles that they compiled in their current edition to be interesting.

Never before encountered ChangeThis, but what they present here is breathtaking. Take a gander. Even the production values are top notch, and who can argue with Peter Drucker? I’ve subscribed to their newsletter; I’m intrigued. God knows that the way big business operates needs to change.

As I struggle with finding something useful to say on a regular basis, this article, also from the current Expert Access, really helped. I’m not a marketer (although I play one on the “radio”), but Max Kalehoff certainly has inspired me tonight. I plan to read more of his writing, and, I hope, to write something he might someday appreciate reading.

It’s so corny to refer to Gen. Patton for inspiration – who am I, the original Tricky Dick (Nixon famously screened the film “Patton” in the White House multiple times)? But this presentation, again from a site I’d never seen before the referral in Expert Access, is quite compelling.

I guess you don’t need me now that you know about the other, but I hope you come back anyway. I’ll do my best to produce something more original.

It’s it for now.


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