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As you might imagine from yesterday’s clip job (not to mention shameless pandering — although if I’m going to use a picture, I might want to find a slightly more photogenic subject!), my professional life is in one of its less interesting cycles — although in my experience with technology, with interest comes heartburn. Probably more tomorrow. Meanwhile, some issues big and not so and big…

Big: Read a lot of book reviews; don’t read a lot of non-fiction, especially the political type that seem to have a shelf life of nanoseconds.

However, this is one political tract that may have legs. The NY Times review of The Assault on Reason by Al Gore hit me so hard that I’m heading over to my favorite neighborhood bookstore to grab a copy.

Not so: Found an interesting article at a blog I’ve not encountered before, TechCrunch (it’s a big world people). A new site, Yapta, just into public beta, purports to have a better mousetrap where travel is concerned. This mudge isn’t traveling much these days — I’m interested in anyone’s opinion regarding the site.

Big, as in foreign affairs: Found this story on-line today, regarding Turkey, and the European Union. The story just confounds me. As much as I want to believe the entire Muslim world is a solid uniform mass of religious fundamentalist fanaticism, a story like this, regarding a rich and influential nation that has struggled for 80 years to rise above said r.f.f., with some success, gives me pause. They still have to answer for the Armenians, though.

It’s it for now.


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