mm012: Hazardous to your health

May 21, 2007

MUDGE’s Musings

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Busy personal life leaves less time for public life. Today’s post will be mainly links.

Maybe this is blindingly obvious, but here’s an interesting correlation:

I’m still confounded by the NY Times story last week (among the most emailed, so it’s not a revelation) regarding the hospitals in Pennsylvania offering 90-day warranties on surgery. Such a concept — accountability.

Fits right in with Michael Moore’s new film, released at Cannes this weekend, Sicko. His last one didn’t prevent George III’s reelection, but maybe this one will jerk us out of our complacency regarding health care in this country in the visceral way that the policy wonks of the ’90’s couldn’t. Paraphrasing one interview I read today he said, they didn’t believe me about General Motors, or Iraq, but maybe now…

Reed Saxon / AP

It’s it for now.


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