mm005 Nearly the end of the first week

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For a professional curmudgeon I can be a helpful guy, at least in my professional life. As I was wrapping up a fitfully busy week, less than 10 minutes away from time to hit the road, my chat window chimed with a request from a colleague: could I handle an anxious customer, because she really didn’t know how to respond to him.

Not a problem. She joined me to the caller, and I spent a half hour walking him through the process, illuminating where he had apparently gone astray, and promised him that I would look in on his meeting early Monday morning. He told me, “You’ve made my day.” And that made mine, and the cost of a little longer commute, and a weekend started 30 minutes later than planned, infinitesimal.

It’s one of the hoariest clichés in modern business that customer service is everyone’s job, but as the wise man said, that’s why they call them clichés – they’re so often stated because they’re so often true. I can riff on this topic for pages, and maybe later I will, including the story of why I no longer use a “heck” PC at home.


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