mm001: The first real post!

May 7, 2007

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Wishful thinking… Left-Handed Complement MUDGE’s musings I start this first true entry many months after establishing my WordPress account, because I couldn’t figure out why people would want to read what I write, and let’s face it up front, the dictionary has my picture to illustrate the concept of procrastination. Still haven’t figured out the why, and may never get that one, but I’ve been inspired to cast away delay, and am happy to say “Welcome!” to all six or eight of you. Let me know what you think. Who? I work deep in the heart of corporate America, a place I never thought I’d spend much time. I went for years in the bosom of my family’s business telling people (and myself) that I was just a small business guy. Well I never was that happy in the business, and when it finally came screeching to a halt when my father became too sick (and sick at heart) to fight off Chapter 11 anymore, I kicked around for a long time, before landing finally here in the HCA. I hasten to add that HCA is not my employer’s name – that may reveal itself in the fullness of time. It’s my state of mind. I toil in the confines of my employer’s Corporate Information Technology department, although where I work and what I do doesn’t define me much. I am nearly 60 years old (but everyone my age tells each other that “60 is the new 40,” not that 40 was so terrific for me!), with a lovely wife (for whom the above hopeful cliché is manifestly the truth), three (mostly) adult children of whom we are inordinately proud, and two faraway, perfect grandchildren. Okay, so I figure that this paragraph just chased away at least half of you – what can a codger say to GenX, Y, etc. worth reading? Buh-bye. Many of my contemporaries at work, and in my personal life, have retired, or are mere months away from doing so, but I’ve done the calculations: based on the money I have been able to sock away for retirement, I’m retiring promptly on January 21, 2038, my 90th birthday. Only then will I have finally accumulated sufficient funds to maintain my lifestyle for the rest of my life: two, maybe three weeks. Until then, work every day it is! What? For those of you too lazy to close your Firefoxes just yet, thanks! But that was the big joke for the day up there, so don’t be too disappointed if we end today’s session with a thud. Not so much a joke though, because I’ve lived life so far much more grasshopper like than ant, and I’m coming to grips with my financial shortcomings. No, I don’t expect to make up the slack here, so I don’t expect you’ll ever see a lot of links here, advertising, etc. Deep down, I’m just not corporate enough. But, maybe I have something to say that someone out there may wish to read, and maybe we can even have a discussion or two about corporate life; the wonderful(?) world of technology on the ground, far away from the glamour and glitter of the media spotlight; global political trends – I’ve got an opinion on most subjects, and am willing to talk for hours whether I am informed or not. Move over, Rush! Thanks! –MUDGE